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Come learn to have a deeper understanding of the Four Cosmic Forces, their Divine Compliments and the Four Elements and the Four Directions.  You will become aware of the ways in which these Forces manifest themselves in your everyday life as Ancient Mystery School INITIATIONS moving you along your Path to Ascension, Leading toward the embodiment of the WAY of the Universal Christed Consciousness.  Contained within the Ruby Ray are the secrets to Everlasting Life and Love.


This workshop is a part of the 14 Ray Series.  All are welcome regardless of attending any pervious workshops in the series
Activating The 14 Sacred Rays of Creation

  Mastering Your Energy System Through The 2012 Shift! 
 with Dr. Trish Baitinger

As we are bombarded by transformational planetary energies, we often feel like ping balls caught  in a wind storm; we are thrown off balance and our energy fields tend to fragment and fray.  Through the activations of the 14 Sacred Rays you will be given tools to manage your energy system, make the necessary shifts in consciousness and remain in alignment with these planetary energies instead of being consumed or swallowed up by them.  These activations initiate changes within your body of light structure, increasing its ability to absorb and integrate greater and greater amounts of the light of Spirit.


During This Workshop You Will:
* Receive an energetic activation to the Sacred Ruby Ray of Creation. 

* Be introduced to the Mighty Elohim (builders of Material Form) associated with these Rays.

* Gain greater access to your internal spiritual power through a conscious realignment with the light energies present in all things.

* Learn techniques to access the spiritual healing and intelligence within each Ray.

* Commune with their powerful energies, making each Sacred Ray your own. 

* Learn new advanced techniques for utilizing the first eightrays as well as the Ruby Ray.


The 14 Sacred Ray Activations will be offered in a series of five workshops, 2-3 Rays per class. 

Participants may attend any or all of these activations as directed by their higher self.



Saturday, July 14, 2012
Time: 10a-7p (ish)

Location: Sacred Centers East

1600 Yellow Springs Rd.
Chester Springs, PA 19425

Cost: $177

Must be pre-registered and pre-paid

Registration: Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center