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Your True Connection to Wellness

So You Think You’re An Empath… Now What?

  • Do you often know what others are feeling?
  • Do you feel nauseas, have headaches or very tired after you’ve been with someone in emotional or physical crisis?
  • Have you been told “You’re crazy or too sensitive?”
  • Do you avoid casual or superficial interactions with people?
  • Do you feel misunderstood?
  • Do you often feel sick or tired and uncomfortable at parties?
  • Do you feel disoriented in large crowds or under florescent lights at the mall?
  • Do you have strange illnesses doctors can’t explain?



If you answered YES to any of the questions… Then these classes with Dr. Trish are for you.

(This is a two part, individually price workshop series)

You will learn how to:                             

  • Connect with higher self
  • Identify what you’re feeling and what

to do with that feeling

  • Block unwanted energies
  • Stop absorbing other peoples energies
  • Manage your energy