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"Meeting Dr. Trish 2 yrs ago for an ailing back... I had no idea how much more I needed her in my life! She has brought such a balance in my life with her healing touch and increased my self awareness spiritually and physically. I really feel fortunate to have met a practitioner that cares  for the whole mind, body and spirit." 
   - Kelly W.

"In all the times I have used it, I also have 'sensed' the 'truth' in the Sword's response, not just the image of the Sword's answer itself. It was one of the most powerfully transformative workshops I have experienced with her. I am experiencing freedom on a whole new level based on true and deep Trust in Divine Will. So very grateful for this blessed offering from Dr. Trish"
   - Gail B.

"When people ask me who is my teacher, a deep spiritual question:  My response is Dr. Trish.  Why?  She walks her talk, devotes her life in staying loving and conscious no matter what situation she has in front of her. Her body of study is extensive.  Her personal vibration is very high.  She allows herself to consistently surrender to Source no matter what she has to do or face.  As a result her presents (presence) is a gift."
   -Dr. Jonathan Cohen  Licensed Psychologist

"I don't think the proper words exist to describe what Dr. Trish has done for my family and me. Originally going for lower back pain, I had no idea the amount of healing that would truly occur on the physical, spiritual and emotional level. Dr. Trish's kind and gentle nature coupled with her intuitive healing techniques create an unbelievable experience. I will be forever grateful." 
   - Lauren Baran

"Dr. Trish changed my life. Or maybe she saved it. I found Dr. Trish just after I turned 30. For most of my mid-to-late twenties, I suffered chronic, debilitating lower back pain. Upon meeting Dr. Trish, my parents' relationship was falling apart, as was my own. I asked Dr. Trish for clarity as to what was next in my life, frantically searching for direction and assurance. She said she couldn't tell me the answers, but she could help quiet the noise and hear my inner voice. After sessions with Dr. Trish, my back pain disappeared and I gained clarity with my decisions and finally allowed positive, drama-free experiences in my life. I feel like I have a deeper appreciation for life, and for living it. Dr. Trish has cleared so many pathways and taught me so many useful techniques to enable me to fulfill my heart's desires, combat anxieties, and to not be scared of what's next."
   -Justina Calgiano

"Dr. Trish is gifted healer and a wonderful human being. She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever known. She takes time to truly listen to her patient. I truly appreciate that she is a holistic practitioner & understands the importance of treating the person as a whole. She is a gifted teacher as well, and I am always learning from her. I feel truly blessed to know her."
   -Michael J.

"I have been seeing Dr. Trish for several years now. There aren't enough words to describe the depth of her caring and knowledge. I feel so fortunate to have found her amazing practice!"
   -Sas Becker

"I started with Dr. Trish almost two years ago and clearly remember the first time I came to her.   I entered  the lobby, sat down on the couch, and for no reason just started to cry.  I felt a tremendous sense of release and peace, but foolish at the same time because I never cry in public.   I went into a private treatment room with Trish to talk and told her how embarrassed I was.  She smiled at me and said: "Don't worry, it happens a lot because your soul feels safe."  That was the beginning of peeling away years of fear, frustration, and trauma that I had held tight in my physical, emotional, and spiritual body. I treasure my sessions with Trish and cannot imagine having  this all-encompassing healing in my life."
    -Colleen Robinson

"Having been a client of Dr. Trish for many years, she has shared her gifts and experitse that has led me to wellness and peace physically, emotionally, and spiritually."
   - Joyce Morrow