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Chiropractic and Children

Receiving regular Chiropractic check-ups is essential to raising a healthy child.
Healthy children grow into healthy adults.

Most children receive their first subluxation (interference to the nervous system) at birth. When we are born the doctor or midwife helps guide the infant out of the birth canal by pulling and tugging on the neck and head. Research has shown that many infants suffer from tethering of the spinal cord. This tethering of the cord can go undetected by traditional medical practitioners but can manifest symptomatically as allergies, colic, constipation, digestive problems and even chronic hiccups. Along with the initial birth trauma OSHA has determined that the average child falls 2500 times before the age of five. Left untreated this trauma can cause severe subluxation causing the child to develop improperly, leading to a number of problems such as: Asthma, ear infections, ADD and ADHD. Chiropractic treatment is a wonderful way to take the pressure off of the nervous system and reduce subluxation. When the trauma is released from the spine and surrounding tissue, the body will begin to function properly. When the body is functioning without interference, it begins to heal. As the body is healing the child experiences a reduction of the symptoms that cause them pain and discomfort. The child begins to feel healthier and happier. As the body heals, the child heals.

"Mommy and Me Room"

     Many families choose to be adjusted in the same room together.  The children are free to play while mom or dad receives their treatment.