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22 DNA Activation and Clearing Vortext

This powerful Activation is overseen by Arch Angel Metatron of Light, Grace Elohim of Light and Arch Angel Ariel of Light
You will receive an audio recording of Dr. Trish Channeling Arch Angel Ariel of Light.  While you're listening  to the recording, Dr Trish will then begin working on you remotely.


This experience will begin with a meditation lead by Arch Angel Ariel. Ariel will lead you deep inside yourself helping you to identify and heal areas in your life that are holding you back from expressing


 During the meditation you will receive a Clearing Vortex which includes:

Removal of:

¯ Etheric Cap

¯ Ajna Knot (pineal gland Block), and knots of attachment

¯ All Etheric Cords

¯ Armor

¯ Implants and Core Fear


Then you will receive a 22 DNA Activation allowing you to:

¯ Attract Abundance

¯ Release  Earth Karma

¯ Clarify and Move Toward Life Purpose

¯ Raise Awareness for Deeper Meditation

¯ Raise Joy, Serenity and Energy to a Permanent New Level

¯ Raise to Higher Levels Of  Consciousness, Soul, Angels and GOD

¯ Increase the Effectiveness of Bodywork, Counseling, Mental/Emotional Clearing and Healing work.

¯ Clears generational patterns: 7 generations forward and 7 generations backwards

22 DNA Activation and Clearing Vortex