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Archangel Michael Testimonials

"Dr. Trish's most recent offering which I partook was the St. Michael the Archangel workshop.  Not only did I receive information about St. Michael the Archangel, his legions of light and his service;  I felt his presence: an incredible gift.  I left the workshop with defined tools which I have instituted on a daily practice as a service to myself, my family, my practice and my service to others.  If you are given this opportunity to attend the workshop and it is in alignment with your mission, do it."
   -Dr. Jonathan Cohen  Licensed Psychologist

"I had the truly amazing pleasure of attending Dr. Trish's Archangel Michael Sword of Truth workshop and am compelled to share my experience. Since that day, it's as if I took a truth serum for my true self. I feel more clear headed and "in my body" than I have in ... maybe ever? Dr. Trish has had a profound positive impact on my healing journey with treatments in her office but this workshop was like a turbo-charged empowerment of the real me. I'm unencumbered by the constant worries of self doubt. I now have a powerful tool set to help me make choices that are best for me. I feel free. (cliche but true!) Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Trish, and all who attended the workshop."
   - Adele J.

Archangel Michael Sword of Truth Activation Workshop 
Saturday May 9th, 2015 10-5

During this experiential workshop, you will receive powerful Activation and Attunement to Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth. Archangel Michael wields the Sword of Truth to protect humanity from any defilement and illusion that is out of alignment with Divine Will.  He is the great protector of Earth. He serves on the First Ray of Creation of Divine Will, Truth, and Protection. 

When activated the Sword of Truth will allow you and empower you to:
1. Use crystal clear discernment and discrimination in decision making. 
2. Know with certainty when you are in the presence of untruth.
3. Dismantle the illusions of your own ego and create a clear path of right action and purpose.
4. Protect yourself from Psychic harm created by the ego illusions of others.
5. Cut yourself free from the traumatic chords that bind you and prevent forward movement along your path to Peace, Prosperity, and Joy. 

This workshop is essential for anyone who works in the healing profession or anyone who is interested in creating Heaven on Earth for themselves and humanity. 
Where: Sacred Centers East  
             1600 Yellow Springs Road, Chester Springs, PA 19425
Investment: $144.00