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Dr. Trish
Dr. Trish Coughlin-Baitinger began her healing career as a massage therapist where she learned to combine Chinese energetic medicine, neuromuscular therapy, bio-mechanics, Reiki and emotional release techniques in her work with clients.  While in chiropractic school she continued to work as a massage therapist and worked with some of the Dallas Cowboys football team. 

In 1998, she received her doctoral degree in Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas.  
In 1999 the focus of her work was on spinal rehabilitation utilizing bio-mechanical adjustments to the spine and supporting the corrective changes with exercise rehab.  

Through her own personal healing and growth she reawakened to approaching illness and injury from a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual perspective.  
In 2004 she opened Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center, where she continues to evolve and perfect her technique while relying on her intuitive empathic abilities and extensive knowledge of the human body.

Rachel Hershberger MS, CNS, LDN

Rachel Hershberger, MS (Nutrition & Integrative Health), CNS, LDN

My work with nutrition has been shaped by my own experiences and the experiences of the people I love.

Suffering with IBS and hypoglycemia in my youth, I was driven to find the underlying mechanisms causing my ill-health. I knew, deep down, that the answer was within my own physiology.  If I could figure out what was out of balance, I could change things. 

Every one of my specializations has developed from a desire to help someone in my life- client, friend or family member. To me, there is no greater honor than contributing to another’s wellbeing.  

I received my Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health (Tai Sophia), and have studied under well-respected and pioneering teachers such as Dr. Liz Lipski, Dr. Bryan Walsh, Oscar Coetzee, Paul Pitchford, Rebecca Snow, and Bevin Clare.

I offer a fully integrative approach  that honors the individual- developing a unique plan based on my professional knowledge and your specific physiological and personal needs.   

I specialize in Functional and Integrative Nutrition for Chronic Illnesses. I work with patients suffering with diseases such as MS, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Lyme Disease, IBS, Chrones, Auto-Immune Diseases and Heart Disease along with Anxiety, Clinical Depression and ADHD. 

I maintain strong professional relationships with Integrative Physicians and can also work closely with your primary care practitioner to come up with the best nutritional solutions for your wellness.

Kathryn Bohn

Kathryn Bohn is a Modern Day Oracle. She facilitates powerful Physical, Mental, Emotional and  Spiritual  life transformation through aligning your  Divine Connection and empowering your innate physical intelligence.

She is a gifted Intuitive, Teacher and Artist. Through her powerful connection to Spirit, Kathryn has been holding sacred space for people to transform into their best selves for more than 15 years. 

It is her mission on earth to assist others in finding and acting on the promptings of their Soul. The cornerstone of her work is encouraging others, through love, humor and mysticism to listen  to the direction of the still voice of wisdom within.

She offers Individual Sessions, facilitates Workshops, creative endeavors and sound healing concerts to provide safe, sacred space for personal transformation, collective insight and illumination.

Imagine a love like this...

Visit Kathryn's website at: www.bohnsoulwork.com

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