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Dr. Trish
Dr. Trish Coughlin-Baitinger began her healing career as a massage therapist where she learned to combine Chinese energetic medicine, neuromuscular therapy, bio-mechanics, Reiki and emotional release techniques in her work with clients.  While in chiropractic school she continued to work as a massage therapist and worked with some of the Dallas Cowboys football team. 

In 1998, she received her doctoral degree in Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas.  
In 1999 the focus of her work was on spinal rehabilitation utilizing bio-mechanical adjustments to the spine and supporting the corrective changes with exercise rehab.  

Through her own personal healing and growth she reawakened to approaching illness and injury from a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual perspective.  
In 2004 she opened Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center, where she continues to evolve and perfect her technique while relying on her intuitive empathic abilities and extensive knowledge of the human body.

Maddie Quirk

Maddie Quirk B.S. is the administrative assistant at Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center. She strives to serve each patient individually by accommodating their needs and maintaining the flow of the office.

In 2012 she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Philadelphia University. With the help of her mentor and by listening to her inner guide, she decided to continue her education and pursue a Masters degree in Professional Clinical Counseling at La Salle University. She is currently enrolled in the program and hopes to graduate in 2016.

Maddie has always been passionate about helping others and her long-term goal is to become a Licensed Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania.  She has a keen interest in holistic health and practices yoga regularly. In addition to working at Radiance, Maddie interns at Adolescent Advocates, a mental health facility for teens and young adults, and she does academic coaching.

Kathryn Bohn

Kathryn Bohn is a gifted healer, spiritual intuitive, teacher and artist.

Kathryn's mission is to assist you in your own personal awakening by connecting and teaching you via the realms of light and their Angelic, Ascended Master and Galactic servants. She offers a variety of Sacred Living workshops and classes where participants are invited to connect to the deeper spiritual nature of their beings. In addition to her background in movement and dance, Kathryn is an ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek and an Usui Reiki Master. She received her primary training through the Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing, Chambers of the Heart, and the Peabody Institute of Dance in Baltimore, Maryland.

Through her work with the Ascended Masters, Kathryn offers you an opportunity to remember your authentic self and your infinite connection to the Divine.

Visit Kathryn's website at: www.bohnsoulwork.com

To book at appointment with Kathryn contact her at: