Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center

Your True Connection to Wellness

   Reclaim Your Royal Empowerment

 by Activating the King and Queen Codes Within

         Saturday February 3, 2018

10am - 6pm

Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center


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Do you question your own worth? 

Have you spent years peeling the layers of the onion of your own history, only to continue to feel less than? 

Have you spent time clearing cultural, religious and family lineage patterns, yet still feel unworthy? 

Do you long to feel comfortable in your own skin every hour of every day in every situation? If you’ve answered yes, then this workshop is for you!

During this workshop Arch Angel Michael together with Lord Sananda and the Magdelines (plural) and  the Royal Sirian King and Queen Councils of Light will build upon and harness the powerful energies of the Full Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo to …….

1.  Unleash the Truth of your Divine Birthright

2.  Connect you with, Activate and Empower the True Source of your own Worthiness

3.  Dispel the myths and misunderstanding of co-dependency vs. the True Royal Service to Source, Self and Others

4. Remove the Crown of Thorns and  suffering that were due to the Masculine and Feminine misinterpretation and misuse of      the  Royal codes and

5.  Replace it with the Integrated Unified Royal Crown of Gold

6.  Activate and Empower both the Sovereign King and Sovereign Queen within allowing you to feel, express and harness Illuminated Joy. Thus, turning that Joy into Empowered Action to create the God Given Life of Favor you were meant to live!

Royal Empowerment