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What is Chiropractic?

Traditionally people associate Chiropractic as a cure for low back pain.  It is that and so much more.  The reason it helps back pain is because Chiropractors take the pressure off of the nervous system.  Pain is caused by your nervous system signaling your brain that there is a problem.  Let me explain.  Your central nervous system is composed of the brain and the spinal cord.  The spine or vertebral column acts as a protective covering for the spinal cord.  The brain connects with the spinal cord at the base of the skull.  The spinal cord continues to run through the vertebral canal until it reaches the base of the spine.  In between each vertebra exit spinal nerves.  These nerves innervate or supply your entire body, the muscles, bones, ligaments, and even your vital organs!  It is very important that your spinal bones are in proper alignment.  A minor misalignment to the bones of the spine can cause major damage not only to the muscles and bones but to the organs as well.  These misalignments are what the Chiropractic profession call SUBLUXATION.

Through very gentle yet specific adjustments to the vertebra, the Chiropractor re-aligns these bones.  When the pressure is taken off of the nervous system, the body functions better.  The pain, numbness, tingling, burning and limited movement begins to dissipate. This pain that dissipates can be anywhere in your body, not just your lower back.  Chiropractic is excellent at treating many ailments and injuries.  When your spine is misaligned, the body simply will not function properly.  People who generally come in for treatment of neck pain for example, report not only that their pain is gone, but their allergies have also improved.  Patients who receive treatment for upper back pain report that their asthma symptoms have lessened.  Patients complaining of lower back pain notice their pain and their digestion improving, for example.  It's an all natural approach to health and wellness.

At Radiance we take this approach to wellness three steps further and recognize the effects that your mind, spirit, and emotions have on your physical body.  Our approach to wellness and Chiropractic include the traditional definition as well as incorporating more alternative methods of treating both your physical and emotional pain.  The power of the mind and the emotions are amazing.  Your belief systems and intense emotions can cause just as many subluxations as a physical trauma can, such as a car accident.

If the emotional component of a physical injury isn't addressed, the patient may only get 80% better.  At Radiance we strive to help you achieve optimal health and wellness by helping you to heal all aspects of your injuries.