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Galactic Lightbody Activation, Integration, 

Recalibration & Etheric Crystal Removal

(Done in the privacy of your home while you sleep on a Friday evening)

2012 Shift: Paradise Promised...Are you still waiting for the New Earth Paradise to arrive?

  • Did you believe that January 2013 would bring Paradise rising?
  • Are you struggling and feeling bombarded by density, regardless of the numerous positive affirmations and manifestation techniques you employ?
  • Are you exhausted, have low life force, depressed, feeling more alone and separate since the shift?
  • Are you dizzy, disoriented, ungrounded, unable to receive clear guidance from Spirit, and have random, sudden emotional outbursts?
  • Do you feel like you're looking out through someone else's eyes and don't recognize the world around you?
  • Do you have pain in your hips, low back or neck?
  • Recently experiencing sharp pains and spasms in your head, chest, neck, or shoulders?
  • Having heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping, or irregularity with your female cycle?

Since the 2012 shift, the world around us and its structure and institutions have been collapsing in order to be restructured.  This restructuring is paving the way for the New Earth Paradise to be created.  It is also creating massive fear, doom, and chaos in the collective consciousness.  Simultaneously, as we move closer to the Galactic center and the heart of the Cosmic Mother, the Higher Realms are infusing the Earth with High Source Divinity Codes.  These Divinity Codes are designed to activate our Human Galactic Lightbody.  As we move into the next phase of Lightbody that too will help anchor these Divinity Codes into the New Earth, thus creating Paradise or Heaven on Earth.

Our bodies are reacting simultaneously to the Higher frequencies as well as the lower (fear) frequencies creating a multitude of symptoms.

Old, outdated structures within the Human Energetic System anchor us to the density and prevent full embodiment of the Galactic Divinity Codes.  As the Higher frequencies enter our systems they are blocked by these old etheric crystals and obsolete structures causing pain confusion and disorientation.

If any of the above resonates with you then you will benefit from the Galactic Lightbody Activation, Integration, Recalibration and Etheric Crystal removal.

This activation will assist you in:

  • Integrating the Light body process
  • Reduce spiritual stress and overwhelm
  • Reduce Neuro-Endocrine (physical) stress and overwhelm
  • Activate, Clear, Cleanse, Mend, Recalibrate and Balance your 14 chakra system
  • Activate, Clear, Cleanse, Mend and Recalibrate Alpha and Omega chakras
  • Balance the upper system with the lower system
  • Restore and refine Metatronic waves of Light and all flow systems
  • Balance, Harmonize, and Integrate the 5 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether) with your 5 body system (physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual)
  • Reconnect you with your Divine Heart center in order to embody more Love, Compassion, Grace, PEACE
  • Re-establish the Joy Matrix within you
  • All of the above allowing you to embody your Divinity Codes with Grace and Ease

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Galactic Lightbody Activation Session