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Saturday April 30, 2011


During this workshop we will be anchoring in the Christed Feminine Energies in preparation for the coming year and the 2012 shift.  During this very powerful day, we will also be gifting the planet with these energies, making them more readily available to the masses. The energies of the Christed Feminine are specifically designed to uplift and hold you within a well of female empowerment while simultaneously holding space for the Christed  Masculine energies within you  that have yet to arrive .  From this place of heart centered empowerment we will manifest the highest possibilities for the upcoming year.

          During the workshop you’ll receive:

  1. 1.    Clearing of old energies preventing your next Highest Step2.   22 and 33  strand DNA Activations,  for those participants who have already received these, your system will be upgraded and rebooted to be in alignment to receive the Christed Feminine
    1. a.    Release of  Prostitute/ Nun  Planetary Archetype
    2. b.    Release of  Victim/ Perpetrator  Planetary Archetype
    3. c.    Release of  Separation Seed Crystals that have allowed separation and unworthiness consciousness to perpetuate
    4. d.    Release of ALL Traumatic Etheric Cords that keep you stuck in karmic Monads
  2. 3.    Attunement to the Rose flame energies of Lady Nada ( the Magdeline)
  3. 4.   Activation/Anchoring of the Christed Feminine energies.
  4. 5.   Participation in planetary anchoring
  5. 6.   Manifestation ritual for the New Earth

Cost: $222.00

Place:  Sacred Journeys

41 St. Andrews Lane, Glenmoore PA 19343

Please call 610-853-1726 to register.