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Divine Mother Sophia together with Arch Angel Michael Present:

The Ultimate Spring Clean-up, Clear-out, Deletion, Upgrade, Re-Set and Rejuvenation Experience!
This Special Experience is only being offered Mother's Day Weekend:

Friday Night, May 6th, 2022 at 7pm live via Zoom


Saturday Night,  May 7th, 2022 (NOT live, pre-recorded on Friday night)

Investment $197.00 per night

***This is a distance healing session. You stay in the privacy of your home while Dr. Trish, Divine Mother Sophia and Arch Angel Michael work on you on one of the nights above! You will receive a recording of the event, so it doesn't matter if you're able to join the live Zoom event on Friday evening.

As 2022 is in full bloom now, this is a time of deep reflection and growth . A time to look upon this past year to see how much we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come.  A time to look to the future with the hope and promise of Springtime Renewal!

However, most of us tend to focus on the failures or feel as if we’ve been standing still, accomplishing nothing as the past two years have been riddled with political stress, war, racial strife and injustice.   

The Spring time is supposed to be a joyous time, where we re-imerge from winter hybernation and begin to see the hope and regeneration of life and new possibilities!  However, for many it brings up a lot of grief, feelings of loss, missed opportunities, and feelings of hopelessness regarding the future etc. This is all due to the negative accumulated effects of the past being pushed up and out, becoming activated within your bio-computer, or Body, Mind and Spirit and slamming into your consciousness all at once.  This Universal  process is designed to push out the old and outdated, in order to make room for the New.  However, here on Earth, we as Empaths and Highly Sensitive people, can feel extremely overwhelmed and overloaded, not only with our own stuff, but family stuff and humanity's stuff as well!

Since the Spring Equinox and as we approach the 5/5 portal Gates as well as multiple othe astrological events, there has been a tremendous amount of High Vibrational Angelic Frequency pouring down from the Divine onto the earth. It’s designed to assist us in our Evolutionary and Ascension process. However, it can create a host of symptoms such as:

● Intense Headaches/Head Pain

● Jaw and Face pain

● Disruption of the Endocrine or Glandular system

  • Digestive issues

● Hot Flashes as well as Freeze Flashes, where you’re cold to your bones

● Issues with comprehending time; past, present, future blending together causing disorientation

● A feeling of dematerializing, being woozy and dizzy and unaware of your body

● Desire to make a radical change in your life while simultaneously feeling stuck and unable to move

● At times feeling so blissful and joyful and at others feeling deep sorrow for no apparent reason

● At times having difficulty connecting to your intuition and to the Divine, as if you’ve been “cut off”

● Increased anxiety

● Difficulty sleeping or getting into a ‘deep sleep’

● Imbalances between the Left and Right side of your body

● Recurrent themes or patterns that were deleted or shifted long ago, but seem to have resurfaced.

  • Depression and feelings of low self worth or low self-esteem, feelings of "nothing I do matters anyway because nothing ever changes."
  • Feeling Stuck and inert, as if you're not moving forward at all.

Divine Mother Sophia and Arch Angel Michael will reset and reboot your internal computer, body, mind, spirit and Soul. Divine Mother Sophia is in her highest form, the Mother of All Creation. She will assist you in cleansing your fabric of creation that makes up your incarnation and your external and internal realities. She will cleanse and delete any outdated Spritual Contracts along with anything else that is preventing you from manifesting your true heart’s desire!

She is a powerful Creatrix and She will activate your own Inner Creatrix!

If you have suffered any of the above symptoms, She will re-align you and remove and delete the reasons, causes and sources of those symptoms. As well as cleaning out and deleting the negative accumulated effects of the past year, so you are Re-Set and Primed to Manifest all that's in alignment with your highest and best Self!

Friday May 6th, 2022 7pm via Zoom


Saturday May 7th, 2022 pre-recorded