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The Gifts of the Magi, Awaken your Own Inner Magi/Wise Person this Holiday Season Live in Person at Radiance and via Zoom in the privacy of your own home.
The Sacred Magi
Celebrate the Gifts of the Magi.  
Connect and develop your own inner Magi/Wise Person this Holiday Season.  
Give this Gift to yourself of what Balthazar, Melchior and Gasper bestowed upon the Newborn King who would later Grow and Bring to the world The Way Of Unconditional Love.

This is a Workshop Series of 3
1. Saturday December 17th @ 10am - 1pm  
The Gifts of Gold
2. Saturday January 7th      @ 10am - 1pm  
The Gifts of Frankincense
3. Saturday January 14th    @ 10am - 1pm  
The Gifts of Myrrh

The Sacred Magi visited the New Born King several days after his birth.  This is why we have "The 12 days of Christmas".

We will meet for the first workshop in the series, to get the Energy of the Season and Inner Wisdom and Peace flowing prior to the holidays and again twice in the beginning of the New Year.

Each class/workshop builds on the next culminating in an undeniable sense of Unconditional Love, Worthiness and Deservedness of ALL the Gifts that the Universe has and will Bestow upon you!  

Most importantly you will be given tools and exercises to develop your very own Internal Strength of SELF, your very Own Inner Magi who is filled with Self Love and Self Worth, The Worthiness of a King!  The Worthiness of a Queen and the Worthiness of a QUING! (two-spirited or multi-spirited Royal).

This Sacred Workshop is a beautiful accompaniment to the 11:11 workshop and will deepen your Love and Understanding and Acceptance of yourself while connecting you to your Inner Magi/Wise Person.
If you are unable to attend one live, no worries, simply purchase the missed date and you'll be provided a recording of the event that you'll watch/listen to prior to the next event.

Prerequisite:  33 DNA Activation.  Please contact me (610-550-6112) if you need a 33 DNA Avtivation because you wish to participate in these workshops.  If the Interest is genuine, I will work to ensure you receive your activation prior to the Magi Workshop

Each individual workshop is $197 
Purchase all 3 at once and save 0ver 15% off the retail price!
1.  Gifts of Gold   $197
2.  Gifts of Frankincense  $197
3.  Gifts of Myrrh  $197

Total for all 3 is $591
Bundled Purchase Price $497

Gifts of the Magi Bundle 3 series


Gifts of Gold, December 17th @ 10am


Gifts of Frankincense January 7th @10am EST


Gifts of Myrrh January 14th @ 10 am