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Resurrection Flame Wednesdays
Beloved Lord Sananda
Please help me in assisting Mother Earth and Humanity 
 Wednesday April 22nd at 7pm for a special Earth Day Celebration utilizing the Resurrection Flame of Creation!
via Zoom Teleconference

The Resurrection Flame is a beautiful Golden-Violet energy of creation, re-creation, regeneration and rejuvenation.  It's incredibly restorative and we could all use a bit of restoration right about now!

During this special evening, Arch Angel Uriel of Light together with Lord Sananda and Lady Nada of Light, will bring forth the Resurrection Flame through meditation and Decree and envelop you within it. Once enveloped you will feel restored and uplifted!  As your Cup or Chalice is filled, we will then send this beautiful restorative Sacred Resurrection Flame energy out to assist Mother Earth and her children of Humanity.

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