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Lion's Gate Upgrade, Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate Nighttime Session
Session done remotely in the privacy of your own home while you sleep.
Saturday 8/4/18
Sunday 8/5/18
Tuesday 8/7/18

Arch Angel Michael of Light together with the Royal Syrian Lords of Light and Dr. Trish's advanced Technology and Medicinal Masters of Light will work with you to repair your body, mind, Spirit and field from the intense energies of this Magnificent Lion's Gateway Portal.  Once repaired, you will also be given a Specialized, Personalized Upgrade to your Energetic LightBody and Physical Intelligence that will assist you in navigating the Earth Plane with more Grace and Ease.

These are powerful energetic times on the planet.  Although these Beautiful enegeries are designed to enhance and Enlighten our experience and Consciousness here on Earth, as the incoming Lightcodes enter our fields and bump up against old patterns or blockages needing to be disolved or deleted, they can cause:
                                                     *  disorientation
                                                     *   Physical pain
                                                     *   Emotional Pain
                                                     *   Heart Palpitations
                                                     *   Chest Pain
                                                     *   Intense Anxiety
                                                     *   Old injuries resurfacing
                                                     *   Inability to focus
                                                     *   Manifestations from fear and lack
                                                     *   Light Codes getting stuck and blocked and                                                                                        unable to be integrated
                                                     *   Levels of Protections failing and not working
                                                                            as if you've blown a fuse.
                                                     *   Intense processsing of other people's energies                                                                                   and emotions
                                                     *   Overwhelming Fatigue
                                                     *   Much More

Saturday 8/4/18