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Live at 7pm via Zoom Friday 08-06-21 Lion's Gate Upgrade, Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate Extravaganza Nighttime Session
A Live Zoom call has been added to this event. Friday 8/6/21 at 7 pm I will be live via Zoom to take you on a journey to celebrate the Lion's Gate and restore, renew and upgrade your system.
If you can't make the live call, not to worry.  A recording of the event will be emailed to you for you to listen to prior to going to sleep on Friday or Saturday night.

Registration is closed.  The Event is SOLD OUT

Urgent! Calling All Lightworkers ! All Sensitives!  All Empaths!!
     Are you tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling defeated like "what's the point, anyway, nothing ever changes!" Or are you tired, exhausted and overwhelmed by the injustices in the world? Questioning the validity of your soul's messages and the messages of the Angels and the Divine Masters of Light? Have you had thoughts of giving it all up and just wanting to be "Normal"? Or thoughts of climbing into bed and pulling the covers over your head until this COVID-19 Pandemic ends? Are you overwhelmed by those around you, especially family members and friends who's lives seem to be in chaos?
     You're not alone! With the current astrological weather of a fixed T-Square of Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius , Mars and Venus in Leo and then the Sun moving into Leo square Uranus in Taurus as well as Chiron (ruler of the inner child) being in retrograde this can create a very turbulent and volatile internal environment! Not only for yourself but for your loved 0nes too.  We are all be asked to process patterns and emotions that we stuffed way down and repressed, in order to keep going.  For sensitive empaths this can be quite overwhelming as we are being bombarded by the emotions and energies of our family, co-workers, friends and humanity as they are also being impacted by this fixed T-square!  This combined with the energies and effects of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycles portal Gateways  as well as other planetary forces and energies has had many of us questioning our sanity, our effectiveness, our next step as far as our purpose , our relationships and our physical health!

     When the energies are this intense I often say it's like being thrust to the bottom of the ocean after you've been hit by a big wave.  You can't find your way to the surface. The past few months not only do we find ourselves at the bottom of the ocean, deep within the ocean floor with wave after wave crashing in causing us to go tumbling head over heels.... but NOW The sharks are circling and the octopus is suited up with boxing gloves! We keep taking hit after hit.  We may be lucky enough to fight our way to the surface gasping for a few precious gulps of. We feel restored and rejuvenated for a day or two or an hour or two, only to be toppled over by the next big wave..... and the cycle continues....

     This constant barrage causes damage to our human energetic system. We can experience mechanical breakdowns, equipment failures, memory loss, systems overload in the form of hot flashes, numbness and tingling as our wires are short-circuiting, deep pain in the belly as if we've been punched in the gut, headaches that are off the charts, or dull constant aches in the head, neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

     But we keep going!  We keep showing up another day! Following our soul and our intuition because that's what a Light Warrior Does! We can't sustain this level of intensity when our systems aren't functioning optimally.  It's like trying to run a multilevel, multi-functioning/tasking software program on an outdated computer operating system from 1999.  It won't work  there will be glitches or downright failures.

     It's time for an Upgrade!

     As a Special dispensation from Divine Mother and Seraphim Seraphael and the Sirus Lord Lions of Light, I have been instructed to offer nighttime Repair, Restore and Upgrade Sessions for my fellow Warriors of Light!
These sessions are tailored specifically to each individual because what needs to be repaired and recalibrated is different. The benefits are the same...you will feel stronger, balanced, more functional, empowered and upgraded!

    We will be changing the format for this type of session as it's normally done as distance healing session, while you sleep comfortably in your own home, and then the next day you listen to an audio to assist in the integration.

This time I will be sending the audio ahead of time for you to listen to prior to going to sleep on the night of your session.



Registration is closed. The Event is SOLD OUT.