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11/11/22 Event
Lady Nada & Lord Sananda  
(The Magdalene and Yeshua Ben Joseph) present:
 The Celebratory Anchoring of the Christ Consciousness Codes 33 DNA and 44 DNA Activation Upgrade.

Friday November 11th, 2022
at 7pm
Radiance Virtual Temple via Zoom
Receive a Recording of the Evening's Event 

Beloved Lady Nada
Photo credit of Lord Sananda and Lady Nada Goddess of Love to artist Marius Michael-George www.mariusfineart.com

Come join Lady Nada and Lord Sananda for an evening of celebration as we gather together in High Vibrational Light frequencies of the 11:11:22 Galactic Portal Gateway. Lady Nada and Lord Sananda were incarnate on earth as The Magdalene and Yeshua Ben Joseph.  Together they taught The Way and The Light of Love.  
During this wonderful evening they will remind you of and infuse you with the energies of Pure Empowered Unconditional Love and the energies of the Office of the Christ.  Together with the Golden Galactic Teams of The Light of The Way, they will lead you on a celebratory journey to the Temple of the Golden Dragon of Light who guards the Codes of the Christed Consciousness.  
Once inside the glorious Temple of Light your DNA Template will be upgraded and activated allowing you to connect to your Divine Blueprint thus allowing you to hold more light and bring more of your Divine Essence and Perfection into your physical intelligence and Physical Body Temple, creating a co-collaboration between your Physical Intelligence and your Divine Intelligence.  
The journey will conclude as Lady Nada and Lord Sananda direct the Divine Christ Consciousness Encodements to Mother Earth and the Internal Earth Guardians of Light, inorder to benefit all of humanity and all sentient beings of light, (as appropriate, if appropriate).

If you're unable to participate on the evening of the event, a recording of the event will be provided for you to listen to and receive the activations at the right and appropriate time for you.

11:11 Live Virtual Event 7pm


11:11 Pre-recorded Event